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Top 6 Exercises for Men

Top 6 Exercises for Men Men MUST TRAIN! We are made to hunt, have sex, fight saber tooth tigers, travel terrains and build stuff. We are not meant to behind these boxes all day listening to ourselves get fatter and watching our man tits get bigger. Working...

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Are Sexual Misconduct Accusations Going too Far? Aziz Accused

We need to have Clear Definitions I was watching The View on youtube today and saw that comedian, actor and writer Aziz Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct from his date. She went through with the sexual acts and never "said no" but claimed that Aziz...

Who has it Tougher Dating? Men or Women (Ep 15)

Let the debate begin Every Tuesday I do a live show on my facebook page called Hot Topic Tuesday and decided to have some fun and ask my audience to comment in with the debate "Who has it tougher dating? Men or women?".  Of course the women said they had...

3 Simple Things a Woman can do to Make a Man Happy (Ep 14)

Is it easy to keep a man happy? Who is more complicated? Who is smarter? Who has to "train" who? A few weeks ago I got into a debate at a party with a female friend of mine about, of course, men and women. It started out by her saying she believes women...

Two Dudes Discuss How to Deal with Sexless Marriage Pt.1 (Ep 13)

How to deal with Marriage,Divorce, and Dating again In this 3 part series I invited one of my former clients on the show since we both struggled in marriage, had to learn how to learn how to heal from divorce, get our mojo back and get back in the dating scene. What...

How Superman can be a pussy Ep. 12

The Justice League movie is about to be released and of course I am excited because I am a huge superhero fan. So I wanted to have fun this episode and talk about my take on my favorite one. SUPERMAN! Of course I wore a towel as a cape and stood in front of a fan when...

3 Secrets to Raise Testosterone and I have a Dark Confession (Ep. 11)

In this episode I share a dark confession about my past but we all have skeletons in the closet. I prefer to let mine air out occasionally. I also explain how it led me to discover how to boost my testosterone levels which is important for any man especially one over...

Male Sexuality Under Attack? | I’m Harassing Sexual Harassment (Ep. 10)

Have you noticed that there has been a DRASTIC increase of sexual harassment cases and men being fired. I'm not saying that some of them shouldn't have but George Bush Sr in a wheel chair is a threat apparently. This is going to have two major consequences. First the...

Why we need more Fathers | Remembering my dad Ep.9

Why we need more Fathers | Remembering my dad (S1 E9) It has been 5 years today since my dad died from a battle with colon cancer. I want to share my memories of him with you and how his example shaped me into the man I am today. It got me to thinking that we need...

The Body Positive Movement is Bullshit Ep.8

The Body Positive Movement is Bullshit (S1 E8) I have been saying for years that the body positivity movement is bullshit and here is the proof. A 44 year old woman that is a 5 on her best day thinks she is too hot to find love. Is she serious or just trying to get...

Low Testosterone | Girly Men and Man Tits Ep.7

Low Testosterone | Girly Men and Man Tits (S1 E7) Here I review Faith Goldy from Rebel Media's report on how men are becoming more feminine, year by year. We are witnessing the effects of men's testosterone levels lowering year by year, an increase in single...

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