Is it easy to keep a man happy?

Who is more complicated? Who is smarter? Who has to “train” who? A few weeks ago I got into a debate at a party with a female friend of mine about, of course, men and women. It started out by her saying she believes women are smarter then men. I decided to screw with her and say (in front of a table of 4 ladies) “I can’t find a woman smarter than me.” She was appalled and I was amused.

She then went on to say that women have to train men. I responded with  “I prefer to find a woman and mold her into what I want.” Her face turned bright red and screamed, “WHAT?! that is so offensive!!” I laughingly said “I said the EXACT same thing you did. How come when I say it IT’S OFFENSIVE?” She then realized that is what happened and started to laugh. I was having too much fun to stop so I continued with, “Listen sweet cheeks men only need three things to be happy in a relationship. Let me help you and tell you what they are.”

After hearing it her jaw hit the floor and couldn’t believe it. She accused me of only wanting a slave and claimed only I felt that way. She then started gathering other men to prove me wrong but to her surprised they agreed. It was all in good fun but I had to share this story so guys share this with your woman and ladies listen up.