We need to have Clear Definitions

I was watching The View on youtube today and saw that comedian, actor and writer Aziz Ansari was accused of sexual misconduct from his date. She went through with the sexual acts and never “said no” but claimed that Aziz didn’t notice her nonverbal cues that she was uncomfortable. He didn’t make her stay and in fact ordered her an Uber home. THIS is sexual misconduct? NO IT IS NOT!!

I have been saying this for months that this is going to get out of hand and cause two things.

  1. All you have to do is make an accusation and a man’s life is over which will eventually cause a backlash. That back lash being that men will not bother even approaching women for fear of an accusation and screw with their confidence.
  2. There will be so many claims that people will become desensitized to it and not believe actual victims.

I don’t usually agree with the cast of The View on many things but finally there is a reasonable discussion on this subject.

In this episode I review what they say and how men are getting frustrated with the constant demonization in the media.