How to deal with Marriage,Divorce, and Dating again

In this 3 part series I invited one of my former clients on the show since we both struggled in marriage, had to learn how to learn how to heal from divorce, get our mojo back and get back in the dating scene. What is amazing is that we come from completely different backgrounds and even disagree on a few issues, but how we felt during the process was all to similar. If you are in a sexless marriage, recently divorced, or attempting to date again you will find this conversation entertaining and relatable.


In this packed episode you will hear

  1. Why did we stay in an unhappy marriage? Is it guilt, fear or lack of confidence finding someone else?
  2. How does it affect a man when sex is absent from the relationship? It crushes his confidence and can cause a lot of damage emotionally including anger and resentment toward the one he loves.
  3. Do men stop chasing their wives because they fear rejection or shamed for their sexual needs?
  4. Are women looking for “The Man of the House” or a 50/50 relationship?
  5. Men things do to get sex as a reward
  6. Should men expect respect or demand it?
  7. How we knew when we were done and needed to get out.