Top 6 Exercises for Men

Men MUST TRAIN! We are made to hunt, have sex, fight saber tooth tigers, travel terrains and build stuff. We are not meant to behind these boxes all day listening to ourselves get fatter and watching our man tits get bigger. Working out is not easy and coming up with even the basics can be challenging. Sometimes we hit a sticking point and need to go back to the basics to spice things up again. I am here to help you my brothers.


I got together with Jesse Walker head coach of Training for Warriors in Lake Mary, Fl and made a list of the top 6 exercises men can do. This is going to help the beginner to get started and help men with an intermediate fitness level add to their current routines. The ones we picked will pack on muscle and make your metabolism go through the roof! I highly recommend that get with a coach to put a program together or get with a friend you know to show you the ropes and push you past your comfort zone.

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